For the past 18 years, Chiara has worked in the early childhood education field, both as an educator and director, training teachers and facilitating workshops for parent education. She is the founder and owner of the Silver Lake Center for Creativity (SLCC) which was recently rated by Business Insider as one of the most prestigious preschools in Los Angeles.

Angelicola has taught on both U.S. coasts, from the Park Slope neighborhood of Brooklyn, NY to the bustling, entrepreneurial city of San Francisco. She continues to discover qualitatively impactful data which may support implementing widespread practicum for the first five years of life that emphasizes creativity and problem-solving while substantively providing equitable and inclusive long-term social-emotional and academic outcomes for children within urban, pluralist communities. Angelicola is an advocate for the decentralization of standardized education for the first five years of life and a promoter of the pioneering research in nuanced educational approaches to supporting underserved families and children. She is interested in contributing to the diverse perspectives and professional lenses within educational leadership, politics, and policies in addition to exploring best practices steeped in the cognitive development of creativity and problem-solving skills. Angelicola earned a BA in Child Development Psychology with Honors from the University of California-Santa Cruz in 2006.  

Chiara is a member of the North American Reggio Emilia Alliance, and a featured author in the fall 2020 NAREA periodical. She enjoys cooking at home, Kate Bush, and hiking in the redwood forests of California. Chiara and her partner are expecting a daughter in late spring of this year.